Our mission

To support families and educators in making conscious choices that will positively and effectively impact their inner and outer lives.


A safe physical and emotional environment to learn and grow for all of us.

How do we promote our mission?

MindfulKids implements and develops mindful-based interventions (MBI) and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) training across the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania.

Kind-UTM our three tier model psycho-educational curriculum, allows educators students and parents to learn and practice a more conscious way to support and develop social and emotional awareness and an overall state of health throughout the lifespan. The curriculum is delivered in 6 sessions over a period of 6 months
it supports teachers in the development of their own practice to be able to later integrate the teachings in their classrooms, plus 12 hours of on site support for the implementation of the program is imbedded in the process of the training.

“For the love of parenting, planting the seeds of growth" TM, is our Parent Support workshop available to the community and schools, to learn and explore the foundations of a parenting style that invites the parent tune in into the children’s needs through the development of their own resiliency and mindfulness practice 15% of the profits go back to the institution.
Experiential and contemplative exercises are integrated in 4 sessions that aim to engage our children’s attention in developmen- tally appropriate manner to support their healthy attachment to us.

“Kind U, Learning from within” our small group session; offers to explore a different layer of your parenting process
We experience a meditation practice, share our current challenges and hear about Social Emotional Learning (SEL) as the door to an enhanced family approach, you can join us in an immersive session and see by yourself that we all share a learning process from within.

Meet the Founder

Christine Gorigoitia , Doctor in Clinical Psychology and an educator for the past 18 years has experienced a long-term involvement with the therapeutic aspects of meditation and the integration of arts within the mental health arena. Mentored by Jefferson University through the Mindfulness Institute has supported wellbeing in a variety of settings
from traditional clinical interventions to school based mental health, including her current role as an Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Integration Specialist; all the way to her aerial dance approach the core element to be promoted and developed stays consistent: awareness as the door to internal and external stability.

She started her work in Chile focusing on community mental health She then transitioned into health psychology working at the University of Maryland in Baltimore. There she focused on risk behavior reduction with HIV positive teenagers. Following the completion of her doctorate in clinical psychology at Loyola University Maryland, she did a post-doctoral fellowship in eating disorders at Sheppard Pratt Hospital, which brought her to further deepen her knowledge in SEL and trauma within the lifespan.

Our community speaks…

"An overall positive and caring experience",

Holly Hebron ECE Teacher.
Allentown Jewish Community Center
“Dr. Christy has really been a wonderful inspiration to me and has provided me with a wonderful bag of helpful tools and resources to help my students be more productive, calm, and kind-hearted kiddos!”

Nicole Jones, Kindergarten Teacher
Parkland School District Kratzer Elementary School