MindfulKids Services, LLC (MKS) provides psychological services including, but not limited to prevention, intervention and training to the students, families and staff members enrolled in school districts currently contracted with MKS. The treatment modalities that might be available to the students are individual psychotherapy, group psychotherapy and family therapy. MKS is an independent company that is not part of the school districts, but has received permission from the school districts to provide on campus psychological services. Conveniently, enrolled school children are typically able to see the mental health provider during the school day without missing significant amounts of time travelling to and from off-campus facilities. MKS does not provide in-patient or pharmacologic treatment for patients, but is able to make referrals to appropriate medical resources. As MKS is an independent corporation from the school districts payments are made directly to MKS on a consultation basis model. Referrals to MKS may only come directly from the Counselors within the contracted school district.

In addition, MKS has programs available to faculty and staff within contracted school districts to better educate them on mental health risk identification and reduction. At this point the Parkland School District has been trend setting, and is the first school district in the Lehigh Valley to contract with MKS.

MindfulKids Services (MKS) uses a holistic approach when working with child/adolescents, families and the schools. The program focuses on mental health support using mindfulness based intervention modalities to promote resiliency, change and adaptability to meet today's challenges.

Our mission is to empower youth and their families to make conscious choices that will positively and effectively impact their lives.

Dr. Gorigoitia-Wittenberg has been working in the fields of psychology and education in different capacities since 1999. She started her work in Chile focusing on community mental health working with children, adolescents and their families. She then transitioned into health psychology working at the University of Maryland in Baltimore. There she focused on risk behavior reduction with teenagers. Following the completion of her doctorate in clinical psychology at Loyola University Maryland, she did a post-doctoral fellowship in eating disorders at Sheppard Pratt Hospital. She has been working as a licensed clinical psychologist and educator in the Lehigh Valley since 2009.

In addition to her work as a clinical psychologist she is also an aerial artist, who has been a student and teacher at the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts. Realizing that there are significant short-comings to the one model fits all approach to psychotherapy, she has been using aerial arts to help people explore mindfulness. She regularly gives presentations to the circus arts community about the benefits of merging the aerial arts with mental health intervention. This makes her among the first practitioners of the fast emerging field called Circus Arts Therapy. You can encounter her practicing this discipline in the Lehigh Valley at AerialMind where she serves as director.