MindfulKids Services, LLC (MKS) provides additional psychological services including, but not limited to prevention, intervention and training to the students, families and staff members enrolled in school districts currently contracted with MKS.
Conveniently, enrolled school children are typically able to see the mental health provider during the school day without missing significant amounts of time travelling to and from off-campus facilities. MKS does not provide in-patient or pharmacologic treatment for patients, but is able to make referrals to appropriate medical resources.

(MKS) uses a holistic approach when working with child/adolescents, families and the schools. The program focus- es on mental health support using mindfulness based intervention modalities to promote resiliency, change and adaptability to meet today's challenges.

The Allentown Jewish Community Center and Parkland School District have been trend setting in supporting our mission in the Lehigh Valley since 2014.




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Phone: 610 703 9999