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Based on an experiential format this individual or group meetings will target topics that are relevant to decrease risk behavior, implement early detection of symptoms or challenges and identify strategies to promote resiliency and conscious choice making.




Individual, family & group therapy. Weekly or biweekly meetings will be scheduled to target specific challenges.

Treatment modalities will be tailored toward the client and guided by mindful based interventions in the context of recovery and growth.



School consultation and training

Programs will be tailored to each school context.

Elements included will involve: initial survey, analysis of needs, implementation & evaluation.

Topics usually addressed are: behavioral- challenges, communication, health literacy and staff training needs.




If you are interested in discussing services for your school, please fill in the form. After it is received you will be contacted.




Upcoming Schedule



Mindfulness Immersion

April, 2018.
Locations: Coopersburg 

Open enrollment. Please contact us directly.

"For the love of Parenting", Planting the seeds of growth

Experiential and psychoeducational workshop that focuses on developing the parent's mindfulness practice to support the child's guidance process. It will address the 4 foundations of mindfulness at the core of the Kinder-U SEL curriculum.
Open enrollment. Please contact us directly.
Next session April 2018.

Kind-U Parkland School district April 27, 2018

Kind-U Allows teachers, parents and students to learn and embody social emotional awareness. Using state of the art knowledge about psychosocial development throughout the lifespan and mindfulness practices, Kind-U aspires to create an environment based on shared compassion self-awareness and kindness to self and others.