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Social awareness + emotional skills = successful kids

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Connecting Social and Emotional Learning with Mental Health





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Social Emotional Learning (SEL)
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Please Watch & Listen: Mrs.Werteen, WFMZ Life Lessons

Watch: Mindfulness and Kids

Great pleasure to be a guest on The Wisdom Coalition podcast.
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"For the love of Parenting" (Fundraiser workshop)

Experiential and psychoeducational workshop that focuses on developing the parent's mindfulness practice to support the child's guidance process. It will address the foundations of mindfulness at the core of the Kind-U SEL curriculum.
Ongoing open enrollment.

Kind-U Training November 6 2-3:30 Parkland School District

Kind-U Allows teachers, parents and students to learn and embody social emotional awareness. Using state of the art knowledge about psychosocial development throughout the lifespan and mindfulness practices, Kind-U aspires to create an environment based on shared compassion self-awareness and kindness to self and others. 

PTA Workshop Enrollment open 18/19